We started out as a group of mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents who have lost children in the past two years due to the opioid epidemic as well as Johnston County EMS, Firemen and recovered addicts. We have decided to turn our grief into action to do what we can to help students and families in our community and to raise awareness about this terrifying but extremely prevalent issue.

We are here to support parents suffering a loss as well as those still in the midst of dealing with addiction. We also feel strongly that our stories of loss can help addicts make a decision to choose life. We are completely free of judgement and only want to help. We are happy to speak at your school or business. Please contact us!

We would like to honor our children lost to this crisis by listing their names below. This is a small subset of the young people we know that we have lost, we are only listing the ones related to our current group members below. If you are a parent or friend of a lost loved one due to opioids, contact us and we will honor them here.

Joshua Lewis Barefoot - 1992-2017 South Johnston High School

Justin Cole Bennett - 1999-2017 West Johnston High School

David James Steen - 1998-2017 West Johnston High School

Jordan Chance Toppings - 1998-2019 West Johnston High School

Dakota Raeann Strickland - 1996-2019 South Johnston High School